Fallout 4 for free on Steam and Xbox One

Fallout 4 for free on Steam and Xbox One from 25.05.2017 - 28.05.2017 Do not miss out, have a great weekend. :)

This game is my favorite game and best game I ever tried.  I love all the Fallouts but this Fallout is the best. The game is good, you have like tons of things to do.

Putting all of the bugs and glitches aside, it is hard for me to believe how fucking incredible this game is. It has tons of depth and an insane amount of content. I'm about 25 hours in and I'm not even close to finishing the main story and I have barely scratched the surface of the side missions. It is addicting as hell, and there is so much to do in the game that you can find yourself dicking around for hours on end just exploring the map or looking for old junk to make mods with. Plus, they don't try to milk you dry with yearly installments or micro-transactions or DLC that makes the base game unplayable. And guess what other companies, they made a hell of a lot of money off of this game. EA (even though BF1 and TF2 kick ass), Ubisoft, and Activision should take notes.

Steam Fallout 4:

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