GTA 5 Online : Brilliant RP & MONEY gathering method|FAST and EASY SOLO RANK UP|100% Approved|PC

††† Hey, guys. :) This is MSI DELICIOUS and today I will show you an awesome way how to quickly farm rp points, so you can reach level 1000 in no time. Fuck the small talk and let's go straight the point, Let's select Jobs, and choose Stunt - Afterburner. This Stunt Afterburner works  even better right now because of double rp and double money event.  Which will last till 25th of may (25.5.2017) , but even without the double rp rewards this still is a great way how to grind your levels. Okey we are done now lets just finish our race, and get our extra 2220 rp points. In total we gathered 3000 points from jumps + 2220 for finishing the stunt, the result is quite impressive, in 5minutes, we grinded 5220 points roughly 1 thousand rp points and 2 thousand cash every minute, which is really good. And we can repeat it as many times we want.

That's it bros, thank you for watching and see you next time.

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