Awesomenauts Rocco the Eagle | Global Annoyance Cannon | Episode #1

Hey, guys. So today I'm gonna play fun game called awesomenauts with Rocco the Eagle. He’s out looking for revenge, and that’s just the engine of the “I’m a wicked badass ex-cop out on the loose” trope train that left the station.

This time I'm gonna play Rocco for fun, to annoy players a bit, this is not a good build, definitely man, it's probably one of the worst builds you could ever do, but kind of relaxing, from time to time, it's alright just to try out the magic of the precision shot. That's gonna be my main focus. Global Annoyance Cannon
So the only way to win will get as many kills as I can. :D So let's go for it.
Just please remember Precision Shot is not your only ability, and the right mouse button is not the only button on your mouse. Sitting at base spamming Precision Shot is a sure way to lose since your team will be fighting 2v3.You're far more effective as a 'naut than a "Global Annoyance Cannon". So let's just go for it. Let's be badasses, man lets just do it.
Yay, we won. That was a very lucky game for me actually but I'm not complaining. And this Nikki guy is just a beast. Okey guys, huge thanks for watching and as always have a super duper awesome time. Enjoy the game and Stay awesome.
Cheers to players who participated
niki, Rayvson, MCRFran, JC5aucisse, Chessel

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Game: Awesomenauts

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