Awesomenauts Cute Demonic Brat Ayla

Hey guys. This is MSI Delicious and today we gonna play awesomenauts with cute little demonic brat called Ayla.  I will be going over my personal experience so far of her. Versus new players, she is completely dominant, since she's rather easy to learn, but hard to master. If you build her right, you pretty much just have to turn her rage on when in a heap of minions and enemy Awesomenauts, and win. BUT, she isn't so hard to play against when you know how to play against her. For example, don't stand behind your tower she can kill you from under the tower, and get out of her range. But besides the crazy snowball Ayla's got, Rage makes her a decent pusher, and Evil Eye does pretty good damage on the towers.

Ayla is a fairly well-balanced character but slightly OP, this is because of Rip Apart Bear. This upgrade lets you have a 30% damage reduction shield while in Rage. While Ayla is meant to be a high risk-high reward character, this upgrade takes out too much of the risk from using Rage. Other than that, she's  so good. Ayla is quite strong naut, so let's make our enemies feel the cute little demonic brat! Let's go
Okey, that's the victory. This was a fun game. And huge thanks for watching have an awesome day. Cheers and cya later.

Thanks to the players who participated:

Sensual Duck Wench, Remeic, Alex, RYKOV-OZ, Clockers


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Awesomenauts, the 2D sidescrolling MOBA, is now available as a free-to-play title on Steam! Head over to and dive right in!

The game mixes 80's cartoon graphics and platforming gameplay with a deep and modern upgrade system.

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