The BMW M8 Gran Coupé 2018

The BMW M8 Gran Coupé  illustrates the meaning behind BMW's "M": it means "more", more than anything else. In addition to dynamic excellence, the BMW M8 Gran Coupé  embodies a new facet of luxury for the BMW brand - ultra-portable, extroverted and polarizing.

The BMW 8 Series will take on the flagship of the BMW portfolio and therefore combine unparalleled sportiness and elegance," says Adrian van Hooydonk, executive vice president, BMW Group Design. "The BMW M8 Gran Coupé Concept offers insight into the most exotic and appealing variants of the new BMW 8 Series."

Symbol of the unique understanding of luxury

The BMW M8 Gran Coupé  is more than just a luxury four-door sports car. It symbolizes a new and unique understanding of luxury. "The BMW M8 Gran Coupé is designed to polarize - it should move you emotionally," explains Domagoj Dukec, vice president of design BMW M and BMW i. "With this car we want to get to people looking for something and who want to stand out. In this case, the BMW M delivers the unmistakable luxury outside of its comfort zone. "As the BMW 8 Series Concept made before, the BMW M8 Gran Coupé Concept presents BMW's new design language, highlighted by expressive surfaces that emphasize vivace like never, car dynamics. The small number of precise lines emphasizes the graphical arrangement of the surfaces.

The front: a dynamic talent promise to accelerate the pulse
Down the road and wide as a posture, the front of the BMW M8 Gran Coupé offers the immediate promise of an exceptional performance experience. The muscular surfaces and the precise contours of the bonnet are indices of the ability to drive the air under the bodywork.

The face of the new BMW 8 Series is evident in the graphics of the front. The contour of the radiator grille widens as it lowers the road, accentuating the center of gravity of the car. As with the first BMW coupes, the grid elements are linked by an uninterrupted contour, creating a single great element. The headlamps are positioned slightly above the "kidneys" and give them the impression of a lower position, which further accentuates the proximity of the asphalt machine. By contrast, the golden contour of the grid adds an extra note of exclusivity to the front. Within the headlights, family-friendly lighting technology from the M8 GTE endurance model provides a dynamic and hexagonal interpretation of the BMW's four-sided front end, distilling the elements of modern motor sport and luxury in interior details. At the same time, carbon fiber reinforced plastic air intakes (CFRP) guide the air where it is needed.

Side: Elegance meets strong precision

Even when viewed from a distance, the proportions of the BMW M8 Gran Coupé  radiate dynamic character. The long wheelbase, the long hood, the straight edge of the roof and the short rear create a stylish sporty and stylish coupé. The emotionally rich surface reaches a climax in the shoulders around the C-pillars above the rear wheels. Here, the roof runs backwards through elegantly carved wings. Below, the muscular passages of the wheels give a visual expression of the power acting on the rear axle. Light transitions between the surfaces give a certain sensitivity, while the strong sloping of the machine's shoulders combines with the wide gauge to bring added definition and sportiness. Being a true BMW M car,

The Salève Vert finish, whose color looks to change from green to blue-gray depending on the light, creates a very efficient composition of the surface and blends with the golden glass graphics, traditional M grilles, brakes, rims and M double gold discharges . Thus, the car benefits from a completely new look.

Rear side offers an impressive presence 

The rear of the BMW M8 Gran Coupé conveys the dynamic momentum and visual impact for which M is renowned, and the wide track width and widening of the wheels refer to the performance of the car. Horizontal lines interrupt styling behind, allowing the area under the rear spoiler to attract even more attention and add extra visual agility. Towards the outer limits, the thin, black-lined hindquarters emphasize the wide posture of the car on the road. Below them, the bumper takes over the dynamic theme of the front apron. The prominent speaker and the two sets of M double exhaust pipes together deliver a clear absolute performance message.

BMW at the Geneva International Motor Show 2018

The attractive exterior of the BMW M8 Gran Coupé Concept combines the core values of the BMW M with elegance and luxury to create a new and exciting form and reveals a new and interesting facet of the BMW M. With the new model, BMW Group looks at the BMW Series 8 Gran Coupé and the BMW M8 Gran Coupé.

By Alexander Migl [CC BY-SA  (4.0)], from Wikimedia Commons

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