Who Lived on Earth 100,000 Years Ago?

The possibility of giants seem more plausible than not actually. Think about it...people are viewing the world through a modern lense, but no considering just how altered and different this planet once was. This planet was/is a mythical place. It's fascinating and mysterious, but we've cultivated and homogenized it to death. 

To our own detriment. There's plenty of material like legends, folklore, mythical and historical accounts in literature. There are monuments ages old that we cannot replicate truthfully or explain that surpass our current level of understanding. Even the bible mentions Giants and beasts that walked along with us in those days. Even if you don't believe it, it's still interesting. What did people see in those days?

Every culture damn near, no matter how far apart in time they are, share a worldwide flood mythology, giants mythology, and oral histories/legends pertaining to mythical civilizations time past, encountering gods and beast, and an assortment of other beings. They speak of the world being a very different place and perceived it differently. The spirit and the material world were far closer then and men still had their eyes open.

There are accounts of giants having double/triple row of sharp teeth, they sometimes have horns, 6 toes, and fingers, and etc...maybe there were different types. They seemed to be a highly intelligent species with access and knowledge that amazed ancient humans. They were territorial and dangerous. Some were probably barbaric and cannibalistic. They left behind gigantic monuments, knowledge, and weapons. Sometimes even their bones. Mainstream history glosses over the strangeness of our world and ties it with a neat little bow, but life is messy. Nothings ever that cut and dry. If we can possibly accept other branches of humans, then why not giants? Aren't some people still seeing them till this very day?

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