Elon Musk - Boring, Mars, Tesla, SpaceX

This interview outlines exactly why Elon will be remembered; he reasons from first principles, completely rejects dogma and understands the fact that all you need to solve the world's problems is knowledge. 

As long as a theory or idea fits the laws of physics, it is possible; I find it amazing that one man can tackle so many pressing issues without succumbing to frustration. Most of us see the obstacles facing our race and either try our best to ignore them or look to others to solve them; he confronts them all one by one, completely and utterly convinced that the very least the world needs is people that are willing to try. 

Be it in climate change, renewable energy, planetary colonization, the online world, transport, or artificial intelligence, I admire his work ethic and positive spirit even more than his incredible talent. He realizes how lucky we are to be living at this time in history and to be born into the prosperous countries and places that so many of us are. As a teenager, I'm going to try my best to learn from his contribution and make as much impact as I possibly can. He may be a one off in terms of talent, but he doesn't have to be in terms of attitude.

Elon Musk is an innovator and visionary and has the balls to work towards it. That is very rare.

"I am not trying to be anyone's savior, I'm trying to think about the future and not be sad" - Elon Musk

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