DMT The War on Consciousness

Graham Hancock - The real widespread war the rages every day is a war not for anything more than our consciousness and it affects everyone under the top 1%

About 5 years ago during the cathinone craze, I had one of the most vivid open eye experiences,  resulting from the stimulation psychosis of a bk-MDMA binge.(extremely dangerous)  As I lay on my bed trying to sleep, I felt my eyes turning and twisting, I looked up towards the celling and it looked as though it was made of fabric and that somebody was pulling it up from behind and twisting it into a Vortex!  A flash of light and then a slim transparent appendage started to pull itself through the gate!   The creature looked very similar to that of a jellyfish, only covered in eyes. Floating above my bed, It started motioning with its arms encouraging me to enter the portal!

I close my eyes and think to myself should I go? What does this thing want to show me?  Scared I kept my eyes closed in what seems like an eternity; positive that upon opening them the hallucination will be gone!   I open my eyes and I am relieved that the creature is no longer above me however the portal was still there! I look over to the far wall and to my surprise, the creature is looking directly at me! it touches the wall and then a movie (looks like a window into real events not flat like the images on TV) starts playing on the wall!

She starts showing me events of things to come; nothing specific just war, famine, and death, images of destruction! I remember seeing the statue of liberty falling!

Words start appearing on the far wall; imploring me to enter the gate; telling me that I will be safe and that my life has some very hard times ahead! Ambrosia tells me that she is my guardian and that she has been with me my whole life!

ES- If I go will I be able to return?
A- No

ES- what is beyond there?
A- you will see

ES- What about my wife and children?
A- If you stay they will share your fate

A- I am here to offer you amnesty

ES- What is going to happen to me if I stay?

A- I am forbidden

A- The choice is yours but I implore you to come with me

Not a day goes by that I have not thought about this!
It changed my life

Take hold of humanity by the balls and the mind and you've got them in a non-real trap - supporting a system the kills and plots bloody murder each day and hides the tracks of its existence to cover and distort the truth and to keep YOU from finding the simple answers to free energy and the simple answers to cancer cures and to keep you bound by the state affairs called 'the economy' that is completely manipulatable.

A wise man once said - the devil's greatest trick is convincing you that he doesn't exist. Most men and women today fall at the feet in Stockholm syndrome fashion begging for mercy to the Lord money.

It's no wonder that life follows the events written out in the Bible - for life is predictable and the cycles of it are also predictable - many people know more than we could possibly hope to know about the reality we live in - as the events that occur follow the book to the word like a comical magicians tale - we buy into different factions of the same system, be it through science, religion, or history.

Money was never the solution and is fast becoming the demise of these planets ecosystems and health for profit. Little do we know that we have enough food, we have enough resources and we have enough health to be able to achieve monumentally amazing feats of life if we worked together.

Unfortunately, the entire system is designed to keep us from discovering any truth. Business is built on secrecy and without it - it could not survive.

The evolution of Open Source and Free Energy are putting a stranglehold on the system. While the top bankers of the world are committing suicide "being killed" we stand by and watch ... as we've been programmed to do by fear mongering governments who constantly put out a barrage of fear each day in the air in forms of audio, sound, and energy in the air.

Any person who is slightly spiritual will tell that fear in its single powerful form is enough to keep you from experiencing almost all things spiritual or scientific.

The real human deficit is a lack of human experience and lack of knowledge and lack of spirituality. The universe is a spiritual "conscious" thing, we are a mirror of the universe. We must align or be forgotten.

Understanding is easy if you have the ability to really questions your "knowledge" and "beliefs" ... and have the balls to create new ones the SERVE the planet and that SERVE humanity as a whole.

Only then can we truly experience our greatest potentials that lay dormant and suppressed by thousands of year old science invented to do just that. Control the masses for the gain of the minority.

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