Ghost in the Shell Complex First Assault : Penta Kill | Destroyer | Fun Game | Episode #1

Decent running and movement animation. Even the action animations are solid. No bugs personally seen yet. The look and the feel of the game is pleasant and easy on the eyes. And the best part is the community. So far every room I have had the pleasure of joining has been nice, friendly and all around enjoyable.The game doesn't lack depth
So let's play guys and have an awesome time.  at all, so it's the type of game you can keep playing and trying out other things while never getting bored.It's a free game and it's definitely worth to try out...quite fun game to be honest.

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-- Huge thanks for amazing players who participated --


 Special Thanks to this amazing people 

Extan - Faster Than Light:

Alan Walker - Fade [NCS Release]

Ahrix - Nova [NCS Release]

 Intro: RavenProDesign
 Royalty free  Music By: "Soft" - "Depravity" - MachinimaSound

Disfigure - Blank [NCS Release]

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Game :  Ghost in the Shell

Steam : Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - First Assault Online

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